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So you've just bought your first road bike and you might be wondering what to do next. Cycling can be an overwhelming yet rewarding sport if done correctly. This article lists the essential accessories for a fun and safe first outing! These are essential items that guarantee you'll end every ride with a smile.

A Helmet: Head Safety Is Priority

A bicycle helmet is essential for every bike ride, which we cannot negotiate. The head is the first part of the body exposed to a hazard on the road. Regardless of whether you opt for a mountain bike or road bike helmet , as long as you've covered your head, you should be safe. Ask the staff at your local bike shop for advice on which helmet is right for you.


Bike Lights: Visibility Is Key On The Road

The bikes are inconspicuous without lights. Invest in headlights and taillights that optimize visibility so cyclists and cars can spot you. It is a duty and a common courtesy to be visible and share the same responsibility on the road. The front light should have a white light that flashes or is static during travel, and the rear light should be red to ensure sufficient rear visibility. As a tip, get the lights powered by USB and rely on batteries.


A Multitool: The Essentials To Treat Mechanical Failures

It is the destination of all cyclists found with a puncture. Each tire contains an inner tube that keeps the bike's tires inflated. However, road debris can be a hazard for them. Investing in a hand pump , multi-tool , crowbars , and tubes will fix mechanical problems.

Cycling Gloves - Keeping Your Hands Free of Debris

Investing in open-fingered cycling gloves provides optimal cushioning and grip for your hands. These keep the hands ventilated. They make steering and handling easier as they will provide better mobility and prevent friction so your hands are well ventilated and cushioned.


Handlebar Tape: Well Padded and Durable

Taping the handlebars with a new bar tape gives a better feel and steering for the road bike. Invest in a bar tape that optimizes cushioning and provides adequate airflow to prevent sweat and moisture buildup and your hands will remain cramp-free. It's an inexpensive upgrade that takes your road bike to the next level.


A Lycra Cycling Kit: Maximum And Light Comfort

There comes a time when every cyclist faces his nemesis; he lycra Baggy clothing is comfortable, but a good lycra cycling kit improves mobility and comfort when riding your road bike. A cycling jersey paired with padded cycling shorts molds to your body, giving you more padding and range of motion. The jersey includes three rear pockets, and the padding on the shorts works better to prevent chafing.

BONUS: A Road Bike Seat

A good road bike saddle should accommodate the bones of the saddle and have enough room to spread out your legs. It may be one of the ramifications for a bike tune-up that we may cover in future articles. A good road bike seat will literally save your butt.


We recommend investing in these items in the same order that we wrote this article. Road cycling is a rewarding sport that opens you up to new experiences, friendships and personal development that improve your physical and mental health. A good cycling kit provides the essentials to keep you safe and happy while you ride. Tell us in the comments if we forgot anything.

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