You have just entered the world of electric bikes. First of all, Congratulations! This article recommends the essential cycling items to have a fun and safe ride on an electric bike! You'll end your rides with a smile and take your electric bike to its full potential.

Electric Bike


Pedals And Handlebar Grips

These are the best areas to ensure you have the best bike reception if you are on a budget. Both components are subject to the profile of each cyclist. This ensures that the bike feels more active when you ride. This will determine how responsive and fun your electric bike is.

A good set of pedals and handlebars will take you a long way.

A new seat and dropper post

For those unfamiliar with dropper posts, these are adjustable mountain bike posts that raise or lower with the push of a lever to optimize climbing or descending. These adjustable posts are making their way into other types of bikes that address issues like general on-the-fly mounting and adjustability.

Along with an optimal seat that supports the sit bones and glutes, it will improve your body position for efficient riding. It's not a cheap investment, but it optimizes your body position regardless of the conditions. To this point, it has even become a factory component on many bikes, indicating that it will become a must-have cycling gear for years to come, and you will be privileged to be at the forefront of this trend.

An electric bike rack

If there is something that I did not anticipate about my e-bike, it is its weight. Transporting an electric bike with a car is an example of cycling issues that can become a more complex task than it needs to be, and a capable bike carrier will be necessary for easy access when transporting the electric bike. Thule bike racks hold the bike by the wheels, and have the best mounting mechanism for mounting and dismounting the wheels.

A Bicycle Phone Holder

With the rise of electric bikes, a dedicated app for electric bikes has become essential. Not only does it record workouts, you can also calibrate the power and other features of the electric bike. Specialized Mission Control is an example of what can be done beyond the e-bike monitor.

Brands like Peak Design seal a magnetic bike phone case that mounts to your handlebar mount to attach and remove the case from your phone to use as a standard phone case that works with the Peak Design ecosystem . Even apps like Strava can detect the ebike if the ebike brand doesn't have an app.

BONUS: E-Bike Station

For those with more ambition, you can invest in a charging station or home cycling gear organizer to park your bike next to an electrical outlet with a wall mount so it takes up as little space as possible. To keep it simple, a lock like Kryptonite can secure the bike to protect it from thieves.


An electric bicycle opens up a world of possibilities that could leave cyclists feeling discouraged from enjoying its full potential. Ride your electric bike as much as possible to understand it and see if, for example, you want to buy fenders, panniers, or maybe some mechanism to mount backpacks or accessories like a children's bike trailer for weekend rides. We hope this article sparks more interest in taking your electric bike to the next level, and if you have other ideas that we didn't write here, please share them with us so we can learn.

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